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Saturday 23/06/2018
7:30h-8:45h Administrative checking (only if requested to the clerk of the course) 
7:45h-9:00h Scrutineering (only if requested to the clerk of the course) 
9:30h Stewards’ 1st meeting
10:00h Warm-up (2 laps) 
11:30h 1st qualifying practice session 2018 AX Supplementary Regulations Page 2 
13:30 Drivers’ briefing 2nd qualifying practice session 
16:00 1st Heat begins

Sunday 24/06/2018 
9:00h 2nd Heat begins 
12:15h 3rd Heat begins 
13:45h Stewards’ meeting 
14:15h Semi-Finals and Finals (Podium Ceremony after each Final at start area) 
18:00h Stewards’ meeting 
19:00h Official Prize Giving ( festival tent paddock)